7 ways to become the best partner

When you love, you so want to surround the chosen one with tenderness and care, give him breathtaking impressions! But how to achieve this? What needs to be done every day so that a loved one would like to continue to stay with us?

Okay, about “every day” we may have got excited: of course, events often take place in life that require our paramount attention, and sometimes it is simply necessary to stay at work until late, rush to another city to relatives or cancel joint plans and go to the end ofIn trouble to a friend.

However, even during these hours, your partner should not doubt that he is the most important person for you. Such an effect is achieved due to small, but regular actions.

1. Break and act

No, of course, healthy communication is the key to family happiness, and you do not have to guess at all what a partner has. However, try not to wait until the loved one asks you for support or help – evaluate his condition and take a step towards.

This is not at all as difficult as it might seem: spending time together, we begin to better understand each other. The changed tone of the voice and body tongue will tell you that the partner is upset or irritated because of something. Listen to your instinct and act.

2. Make gifts with meaning

Give her favorite roses, and he is his favorite whiskey, of course, good, but sooner or later it will begin to be perceived for granted. It is much more valuable to remember what a person says, and not to miss a chance to please him. Such a gift, especially made a few months after the conversation, will certainly be remembered and strengthened between you.

3. Leave the partner alone

Most of the tips on relations, as a rule, concern what it is worth doing for a partner or how to spend time with him. All this is good, but from constant attention, a person next to you can simply begin to choke. Healthy relationships are built on the personal freedom of everyone.

Give each other the opportunity to spend at least half an hour a day with you. Try not to violate the solitude of the partner at this time-of course, only if something does not happen truly demanding his participation.

4. Leave notes on his or part of the bed

In school and student, many of us wrote notes to love notes, but then it turned out that in adulthood there was no place for this cute tradition. It’s time to return it!

In the message written by hand, there is a certain magic: you can consider the handwriting of the partner, surprised at the unusual inclination of letters, dreaming of smiling and plunging into fantasies, because the content of these love notes can be absolutely anything.

5. Create “Casket of Memories”

Most likes to indulge in nostalgia for past happy days – perhaps life in those days was an unsweetened, but all the bad, most likely, had long been erased from memory.

Do not throw away things that remind of different happy events experienced together. Put them in a box specially designated for this and sometimes review. You can even accompany each item with a separate short story about why it is so important.

6. Take care of the pleasure of a partner in bed

Attention to the needs of a loved one, including sex, and respect for his or its boundaries is a necessary base, but what else can be done?

Listen carefully when he shares his innermost fantasies (and in no case do not condemn!)

Tenez-vous dans la pose de Doggi, abaissez lentement la moitié supérieure du corps sur le lit et répandez légèrement les jambes. Il prend sa place, entre – et déplace les cuisses. C’est ainsi que la profondeur de pénétration optimale est atteinte et d’augmenter le degré de plaisir, il est possible de passer de temps en temps et de propager les jambes. Sous les acheter cialis soft vous pouvez mettre un oreiller et si vous tournez la tête de côté, il pourra arriver et s’embrasser.

, remember where his or its erogenous zones are located, and think about it during sex. At the same time, of course, you never need to do what is unpleasant for you.

7. Do not lose vigilance

At first, many are sincerely attentive to the partner and put him in priority. However, years are going, we are relaxing, and the former delight is replaced by routine. We begin to perceive a partner for granted.

Don’t let this happen! Try to stay as attentive, caring and loving as in the first months after meeting. This is the main secret that will help to become an incredible partner.


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